Arena Plus: Patrick Beverley's Defense

Introduction to Patrick Beverley's Defense

Patrick Beverley's defense is crucial in modern-day basketball. Known for his aggressive style, he has earned a reputation as one of the best defenders in the league. His ability to disrupt the opponent's offense sets him apart from most players.

Key Defensive Skills

  • On-ball defense: Beverley excels in guarding the player with the ball. His quick footwork and physicality cause problems for many offensive players.
  • Steals: Averaging around 1.2 steals per game, his quick hands and anticipation allow him to intercept passes and create turnovers.
  • Perimeter defense: Beverley has a knack for guarding smaller, quicker players on the perimeter, making it difficult for them to find open shots.
  • Intangibles: His energy and tenacity often disrupt the flow of the opposing team's offense, causing mistakes and forcing them out of their comfort zones.

Statistical Impact

Beverley's defense significantly impacts his team's defensive metrics. Opponents' field goal percentages drop by approximately 2-4% when guarded by him. Despite averaging around 26 minutes per game, he consistently ranks in the top 20 for defensive win shares among guards.

Game Highlights

  • His ability to guard multiple positions has allowed him to consistently check the best player on the opposing team, from speedy point guards to larger shooting guards.
  • In a game against the Golden State Warriors, Beverley limited Stephen Curry to just 12 points on 4-of-14 shooting. His defense earned widespread praise and showcased his ability to stifle even the league's top players.
  • Against teams with high-powered offenses, his defensive presence often results in his team outperforming expectations.

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Training and Preparation

Beverley dedicates himself to maintaining peak physical condition. His workout regimen focuses on speed, agility, and strength. He also studies opposing players' tendencies and weaknesses (watching hours of game footage). Preparation allows him to anticipate the opposing team's offensive strategies and react accordingly.


Patrick Beverley’s defense remains a highlight of his career. He provides immeasurable value to his team through his aggressive style, quick hands, and leadership on the court. His commitment to excellence solidifies his place among the NBA's elite defenders.

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